On the not-full flight back to Kuala Lumpur listening to the Japanese-vibed playlist playlist I made for this trip. Three hours and twenty minutes more to go. Thank god this isnt a full flight because we have the entire rows to ourselves! Goodbye backaches and awkward sleep postures. Also, it was super cute to see a line of workers on the airport runway waving goodbye in sync to the passengers (us) looking out of their airplane windows as the plane drove pass them!

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Sapporo has been a dream. I love everything about the city. The people, the effort to dress well, the culture, the food, the snow capped mountains, the parks, the neon lighted shopping streets. Its difficult to leave places like this that I feel entirely comfortable in.

445_10154087664184106_7186342820634060503_n 13176_10154087664294106_163510275862728495_n 600364_10154087666704106_4181142492803655163_n 12718099_10154087676294106_2423743173117145480_n img_4510 img_4077 img_449412932864_10154087664609106_8070549691947044511_n 12931172_10154087664549106_1037506122307152207_n 12321519_10154087671729106_7795711094961025511_n 12936567_10154087670014106_404756524400623952_n 12919835_10154087671284106_2262386038829498992_n  img_465812923223_10154087671194106_5827065909792096517_n 12321460_10154087671829106_2964674555397414444_n 12401007_10154087666394106_8409894197735706175_n 12670806_10154087665259106_5413875155470113279_n 12932621_10154087672429106_8163625193074607719_n 12321375_10154087671979106_1782618801170933249_n img_4207

Strangely this place feels oddly familiar, like I’ve been here before. I didnt feel the culture shock or a huge difference when I arrived in the city. I was kinda accustomed to their mannerisms and politeness and looking back at some photos I realised some places seemed familiar. Like the Toyohira river and this particular shot at the zoo, I remember quite vividly in one of my dreams. Amazing and insane is it! What if some time if my entire life I had lived here before?

12472789_10154087664834106_7824652832555893286_n 12512418_10154087664859106_6143755801558727950_n 12928184_10154087674144106_6223071831778715771_n

The guesthouse/hostel was so lovely and is the best one that I’ve been too. Its so cosy, warm, clean and I love the beautiful wooden interiors. Did I mention how clean it is??? Like spick and span clean. No hair or dust on the ground or shelves, absolutely white-washed shower room and toilets that look newly renovated. Also, Shun and Ryohei have been such hospitable hosts! They are so nicceeee I dont know what other words I can use to describe the intensity of their niceness. I wish I had spent more time talking to them, discussing culture and travel. I think the next time when I come back here alone, I might!:)

12928436_10154087664024106_7687047750975300308_n 12936481_10154087667544106_4372217648837348248_n 12932580_10154087669844106_5002976092518696584_n img_4603

Left the quiet sleeping hostel early this morning. Wrote a postcard for Ryohei & Shun. I hope they see it. I really adore Japanese culture and on my trip I constantly had the question “What does it feel like to be Japanese” in my head. I really do wonder and would like to know what being local is like. I really adore the sensitivity and consideration of the people. In all my days here I have never once got in the way or someone or have someone got in mine because everyone is alert when they are walking and knows exactly where they are heading. No one is using their phone while walking, literally no one. On trains its so quiet you gotta whisper. Everyone minds their own business and nobody stares at you but if you need help they will render it to you generously.

12717866_10154087663759106_3161979550999936216_n img_4231 img_4629 img_4625 940912_10154087676314106_3297262623143860018_n img_4061 img_4131

The city streets and navigation (streets are in grids, neatest planning I’ve ever seen) are designed in such a way that it leads you to where you wanna go easily and you seldom get lost in the grids because navigation is so easy. The entire city and its facilities are designed to help its people’s convenience and every design is thoughtfully crafted and executed. But strangely its extremely hard to find trash bins in public.


Sapporo is such a lovely city and I think the rest of Hokkaido & Japan which I have not seen, is gonna be more amazing. I hope my biking trip around Japan comes to pass soon one day!

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