Chill Day

It rained all day today and the sky was a gloomy grey. Thank goodness we didnt have any plans today because we wanted to relax a little and rest from yesterday’s work out at the ski resort.

12804726_10154087669784106_6512608942243917440_n 12512432_10154087669749106_4681222262295015660_n

Slept in and made brunch from the stuff we got from the supermarket. I love shopping for groceries at a foreign supermarket and seriously their supermarket is so good. Food is so yummy and affordable.

img_4605 img_4623

The rain stopped a little and we headed to the bank because Edel needed to buy some Yen. Spent the rest of the day just roaming and wandering about the center of the city in the Susukino district in search of postcards and souvenirs. Had some really really good cheese tart too!

12321527_10154087669999106_1467277268487460286_n 12936567_10154087670014106_404756524400623952_n12919835_10154087671284106_2262386038829498992_n 12670896_10154087670439106_608338887919985982_n 12376845_10154087670459106_843154823751733953_n

Found some really cool vintage alternative stores that were literally underground. Love their stuff; legit and cool vintage items.

12321375_10154087670194106_272441816081121577_n 12717866_10154087670279106_8655158722462194393_n 12321384_10154087670199106_4761511529837521011_n 1916380_10154087670224106_6178342814745550120_n 12439198_10154087670294106_1034969237760402120_n 12401007_10154087670289106_8383297394886811068_n

Also chanced by a pet store that had the cutest puppies!!!

12932803_10154087671154106_2717320685026419749_n 12923207_10154087671179106_6162507884518610351_n 10885151_10154087670609106_8470477247230486750_n 12472342_10154087670544106_5729229410761548453_n 12801681_10154087670519106_7582993855664427586_n 12321259_10154087670524106_6377241944562497198_n 12670652_10154087671149106_6686336164559600280_n 12717983_10154087670664106_3076576191492811877_n 12928341_10154087670554106_916937707295829500_n

I really hate cats but I gotta admit this one’s really adorable! Its like a ball. The setting sun in the sky and the light coloured buildings made everything look like pastels. Everything here is so aesthetically pleasing and there’s so much pastel around. From their toilets to their shoe editions.

12417778_10154087670034106_3694049609389372252_n 12923223_10154087671194106_5827065909792096517_n 11218800_10154087671794106_7961872179761939727_n 1916380_10154087671394106_6979254058170431418_n

Had some takoyaki at a street side stand-up store and crossed the busiest intersection of the town, a mini Shibuya. And then a weird thing happened. Suddenly there were a lot of people on our side of the street, particularly almost identical looking males. They had long styled hair and all wore light make up on their faces and were dressed in coats and they all seemed to be waiting and looking for something. A few guys came up to us and spoke to us in Japanese but we didnt get it but then I saw a flyer they were handing out and on it was a bunch of identical looking guys and I think it was so night entertainment thing where you go to a bar or something to watch these guys. So I am guessing those bunch of people were gigolos or hosts?

img_4702 12321519_10154087671729106_7795711094961025511_n img_4706 img_4698 img_4707 12321460_10154087671829106_2964674555397414444_n

Headed back to the hostel and was about to get really late dinner at this stand up ramen store we saw earlier but it was closed. Shops here close really early and the streets get really really quiet, deserted and windy as soon as the sun sets. Went to the supermarket again and made dinner back at the hostel.

So glad today’s a chill day because my body is aching like hell from yesterday’s time at Mount Teine. Tomorrow we’re headed for the morning fish market, the zoo, shrine and maybe Mount Moiwa and Shiroi Kobito Park so its gonna be an extremely long day. Its almost near the end of the trip boooo. I am so comfortable here in Japan I really dont wanna head back so soon. Its such a great place!


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