We took daytrip to a tiny sea port town called Otaru today. Otaru is like a pokemon town in reality and it looks very much like this.


The train ride to Otaru was absolute scenic! From ice capped mountains to the wide open sea and absolutely blue skies, it was so refreshing. Also, everyone here put so much effort into their outer appearance. Its either they’re ridiculously good-looking or well dressed or both.

12919878_10154087678159106_5533987012932025068_n 12670711_10154087678184106_7938216751876194175_n 12321559_10154087678224106_8731817793201893681_n 12936543_10154087678284106_906977388961330707_n

The moment I got off the train, I fell in love with the town. The station, located at the top of a small hill overlooks the vast sea in the distance and from the one straight road down the middle of the station, you could see end of the town, the ports.

12923257_10154087678314106_7123083805040947622_n 12923260_10154087678569106_6672750138333664985_n 12472759_10154087678519106_4548408936788662892_n 12920545_10154087678544106_8655079090029705783_n 12494702_10154087678589106_8878897819883515693_n

The town doesnt feel very Japanese with its Russian/European like streets and buildings but with cute soothing Japanese music playing throughout the town, it definitely feels very Japanese. For some reason this town also reminds me of the North Pole in The Polar Express. The broadcasted music, the snow, pastries and bells of churches.

12923158_10154087678699106_1284583073613165874_n 7672_10154087678609106_3637778104549268554_n 12670739_10154087678734106_6485944102597533749_n 12670746_10154087678834106_2435568254767554865_n 12670701_10154087678844106_3391039016906318058_n

However the downside to this quaint little town is that everything is so pricey. We ended up at a basic hotel buffet for 1180 yen because it was the cheapest meal we found. Sushi places and dons costed at least 2000 yen and above.

12928167_10154087680104106_5063717821060088054_n12932844_10154087678974106_1322297335878830433_n 12592253_10154087679049106_4423518520242285959_n 12931039_10154087679014106_8292615135825192700_n 12472471_10154087678979106_4229043473618228592_n 12931286_10154087679009106_7944876582837731654_n

This is the famous Otaru Canal. It would have been amazing to see the canal pavements covered in thick white snow.

12938274_10154087679219106_3999097836222141887_n 12931027_10154087679269106_5346650578803056444_n 10403277_10154087679384106_527515597307872163_n 12524379_10154087679324106_6464673521593916299_n12670819_10154087679444106_2165299451670009704_n 12923332_10154087679504106_6074144734728165871_n 12417874_10154087680084106_7973105625823734571_n 12472727_10154087679749106_7617505317774704994_n 12670680_10154087680024106_78906710519915759_n12439364_10154087680799106_5100816790020243700_n 12938277_10154087680859106_4826667229140992493_n 12932571_10154087680899106_2283878897586338680_n 12931039_10154087680914106_5434081399634258865_n

Happened to see a tiny statue, like a little shrine and we tried to follow the instructions in the background to get some blessings. Apparently touching different parts of the body asks for different blessings. An older Japanese lady saw us trying to figure this out and approached us speaking a fast train of Japanese and motioning us to touch the statue on its head and legs and nose hahaahha. She was so cute! And she wanted us to touch its arm but then realised later its for some pregnancy thingy and then went “ah no no no”. Hahahha I love Japanese people already! They’ve such adorable personalities!

12932752_10154087681884106_755561271117737724_n 12928421_10154087681224106_3161908989544278619_n 12524227_10154087681244106_4275644870770413665_n

Headed to Otaru Park only to find that the pathways and stairs are blocked out by huge mountains of snow. We found a way up the hilly park through the back of some houses and had a nice view of the residential area from the top. However we got stuck again because to get down we either had to retrace our steps which was way too long or we had to walk through the steep hills of snow which was rather dangerous. We choose the latter because it seemed more adventurous but ended up getting our legs buried in snow up to knee deep.

12932906_10154087681459106_6953940674623127640_n 16727_10154087681469106_2117530625966775654_n 12472269_10154087681354106_3214606710651654684_n 12919713_10154087681489106_7809328824324187346_n

Got off the hill and walked a great deal uphill to get to Mt.Tengu to take a cable ride up to the highest point of Otaru. But
unfortunately the ropeway services are suspended with effect from today till next Tuesday and we only found out when we got to the top hahaha. But nonetheless we still got a really really good view.

12472644_10154087681534106_3634652638176775319_n 12936604_10154087681554106_884895082827656787_n12932924_10154087681599106_5488856260638641614_n 12920296_10154087681364106_6411874340210115700_n12417559_10154087681749106_1691815217015030212_n img_4590

Took a break with some rice rolls at 7-11. Seriously for a dollar and a few more cents, the rice rolls are sucha a good deal. Its so fucking good, even better than the sushi we get in restaurants in Singapore Also, I found Japan’s version of the huge yoghurt drink I got in China!

12523956_10154087681744106_7542845481774078271_n 12920492_10154087681889106_3687505575908624831_n

Walked around a little more into some smaller streets that were really quaint but soon realise they were all closing. Apparently most stores in the town close at six.

10422250_10154087681899106_3993803068643972538_n 12321512_10154087682144106_2609635080520346983_n 12321362_10154087682094106_5080038314330392653_n 12924573_10154087681909106_6213054272847531155_n 12472637_10154087682019106_4923578624467665241_n 12418067_10154087682079106_5160496105199014892_n

Found a pastry shop specializing in custard and cream puffs! My favoriteeeee! The custard puff was heavenlyyy~

12670680_10154087682164106_7361614367151956795_n 12494834_10154087682324106_1755171236788413378_n 12495128_10154087682154106_4198509803593021635_n 12717976_10154087682189106_1273896104470318779_n 12932643_10154087682369106_7309799799409391246_n 12801691_10154087682414106_7328159405945387726_n 12931275_10154087682514106_116046502702727264_n

Decided to head back to the canal one last time for a night view before we caught the train back to Sapporo city where we got a quick dinner at a fast food chain called Sukiya.

12936719_10154087682684106_1910171061125791160_n10885151_10154087667849106_644740210034615201_n 11181286_10154087667834106_2136947570605289757_n

Its been a long day for my legs today and I am exhausted. Tomorrow is gonna be a longer day and I need to gather all the energy I have for some adrenaline in the snow. Goodnight!


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