Summer Palace/ Nan Luo Gu Xiang/ Wang Fu Jing Night Market

Honestly I am way too exhausted to write in proper sentences or reflect on today’s accomplishments & feelings. Here’s a summary.

  • Today was really cold especially with a 32km/h wind blowing at me from every direction (even worse when I was by the frozen water bodies.)
  • The Summer Palace was a nice visit but the cold kinda took my attention off a bit.
  • Bought a fake jade name pendant that I would not wear but had a lot of meaning for me.
  • Got a bunch of pretty postcards today from a lane of some pretty hutongs.
  • Finally found stamps.
  • Watch a group of middle aged men jump into a half frozen lake to swim with just trunks.
  • Tried fried starfish & its the hardest & bitterest thing I’ve ever eaten. Impossible to chew.
  • Also tried roasted pigeon. Soooo gooooddd.
  • Had smelly tofu for the first time in my life. Smelled really bad. Wasnt that nice too. Sauce tasted like the smell of rotten garbage.
  • Had a ton of street food like guo ties, yoghurt drink, fried buns, potato chips on stick.
  • Walked a hell lot.



Perculiar outerwear

Summer Palace

img_2680img_2686img_2694img_2689156157160161162168169170171172173175177178180181182183184186187188 189190191192193194195196197202203205206208

Nan Luo Gu Xiang ( South Luo Gu Lanes)


Hou Hai


Wang Fu Jing/ Dong Hua Men Night Market



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