Southbound, Onwards to Beijing

​In the last two hours, I think I am trying to escape reality by keeping my head away from the thoughts and keeping my heart numb. But I know very well that I am lying to myself. I’m not sure why I am trying to pretend that leaving Harbin is not a painful act for me. In fact the reality is, I am sad as hell.

Sitting on the train onwards to Beijing while my great new friends stay behind in Harbin makes me wanna cry. Sounds super weak and kiddish but I dont think its healthy to run away from my emotions. Even though I spent only three and half days in Harbin, it felt like I knew these people for a very long time. There’s Hui, Shaohua (Zhang), Xiaoyun, Xuelu (Gao) and the other people in the hostel. To be really honest this is the first time I’ve ever been so at home in a hostel. The last time I remembered feeling this way was in Thailand in my last weeks where I met Esther, Mustafa, Ken and Jacob. I wish I had the pictures I took with them but its all on their phones and they probably have no way of sending it to me because I have none of the social apps they use and the are blocked from the ones I use.

Its funny how this all wouldnt have happened had the receptionist not mistakenly put me in an all male six dorm room. I was a little uncomfortable with the idea at first but over the next few days, I realised its the best mistake ever. I spent the next few days in Harbin with my bunkmates, having all three meals together, eating out at BBQs and local places together, going to the supermarket to shop for groceries together, hanging out at the hostel bar together and also playing rounds and rounds and rounds of games every night with the other people in the hostel.

My second night was the best. After visiting the aquarium, we headed “home”, had dinner at a BBQ place and then had the best sets of Werewolf ever in my life. There was the receptionist Fanfan and her husband who was smart as hell, all my bunkmates, one highly sensitive & effeminate guy from Beijing & a nineteen year old girl who was here on school exchange. She was smart as hell. The game was so exciting & hilarious & scheming all at the same time. I had the best laughs of my life and I dont think I have ever laugh so openly and intensely with anyone I met on the road.
It was weird hearing the nineteen year old girl (Wang Ziqi) call me 姐姐. It seriously feels damn weird. Sounds as tho I am super duper old. Or could it be I really am?:( Last night we played again but this time Ziqi wasnt around and we had 14 really young students on holiday join us and I dont know if its because I am not as intelligent as they are or its the language but I cant understand what the hell is going on in the game and it became really complicated and confusing and me and my bunkmates left because we felt like having supper all of a sudden.


Crazy idea to dash out in -23 degrees across two streets at 3am just to get Macdonalds. Hahahhaha and it was hilarious. There wasnt much choices left except for cheese burgers and nuggets so we took that. And then when it areived, omg smallest hamburger I have ever seen and seriously hahhaha 3 big men and 1 girl eating a tiny box of minion nuggets ahhahah. But it was so much fun doing all these crazy silly things together.
I had plans to go to Central Street today to see if I can get any nice postcards or stuff for Clara, Edel & Jaslyn but then decided to not head out instead because I was physically tired from yesterday’s insane time at the Ice and Snow World. Also I wanted to spend my remaining time with my bunkmates.

We went to a mala place for lunch and achievement unlocked! Cant believe I actually had mala. Of course I did ask the lady to tone down the spiciness a whole lot but it was still really spicy so I had tons and tons and tons of water. The rest were perspiring from the spiciness. It was really good actually! Really cheap too! Its a bit like Yong Tau Foo where you pick your ingredients and they weigh it and cook for you. I had mine for only 10 yuan ($2.17)!!!


Spend the rest of the day lazing around the hostel bar trying to get good wifi connection and just hanging out with my xuelu, shaohua and xiaoyun. Went to the supermarket together and it was funnnn!I like how these people really look out for me with no other motives. Maybe they see me as a guy. Their hospitality is really sincere and heartening. I think the fact that we all speak the same language makes the connection between each of us even stronger. Even though sometimes I dont get them because its too chim, they would gladly with patience explain it to me. Also I think personally we are all people on the same page in terms of jokes. I totally get their jokes and its really relatable, not far from what I experience at home. It could also be that my threshold of humour is really low thus making it look like I laugh at every single damn thing.


Harbin is a nice city, better than average because of the spectacular sights & activities in winter but I think the people I met made it great. Its such a great start to my time in China & makes me even more intrigued about this massive land, once home to my ancestors. & now, onwards to Beijing.


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